"A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity, and all children should be taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. Through building up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, children should be encouraged to recognise the power of rational explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. They should be encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes."


The National Curriculum


SCIENCE at Tarporley CE


At Tarporley CE, we strive for all children to develop a thirst and enthusiasm for learning Science 'Letting their Light Shine' through our BOOKS approach.




Here is what some of the children had to say about Science at our school:

‘I love Science as you get the opportunity to take what you have learnt during the term and use it towards completing a STEM project’ KS2 pupil

‘We have a Science afternoon every week! I love learning about how ideas were imagined and how they worked out and how to make them real’ UKS2 pupil


Books Approach


Books are at the heart of everything that we do and within science this is felt most strongly in the emphasis that we place upon developing children’s knowledge and use of scientific vocabulary. We will endeavour to make links to the high quality texts that are used across school when they are meaningful and purposeful.


Bravery – teachers are ambitious with their expectations of children and children have the self-belief to take risks and make mistakes as part of their learning journey.

Outward-Facing – science is studied using real world contexts that children can relate to and is used in other curriculum areas such as reprenting and interpreting data in mathematics..

Opportunities – every science lesson provides opportunity for exploration and discovery. Teachers create the opportunity to take science outside the classroom to ensure that leaning is ‘sticky’.

Knowledge and Skills – our science curriculum ensures that the knowledge and skills are sequenced in a way that children are able to make progress and build on prior learning. Vocabulary development is major part of this. 

Spirituality – in science we  study the natural world through observation and experimentation. We also acknowledge a sense of connection to something greater than oneself, such as a higher power, nature, or the universe.



At Tarporley CE our aim is that all children will transition to year seven with the skills, knowledge and understanding through our encouragement for them to have a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them and our celebration of their inquisitive minds.

Through a wide range of purposeful, planned and structured learning opportunities from the moment children enter our school, the children acquire specific skills and subject knowledge to gain an understanding of scientific processes and an understanding of the purpose and implications of biology, chemistry and physics in every aspect of their daily life, stages of education and future life experiences.

Science in our school harnesses the natural curiosity of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, promotes respect for living organisms and the natural environment and ensures that our children acquire scientific knowledge, as well as, being able to retain what they know and recall what they’ve learnt in subsequent year groups, so becoming more knowledgeable and independent learners as they move through the key stages.

At Tarporley CE we ensure that appropriate resources and support are provided to allow all children to access and engage with the science curriculum.  Communication and explanations of scientific vocabulary, knowledge and understanding are presented in a range of formats such as pictorial, models or verbal as well as written explanations to ensure that children of all abilities can participate fully with this curriculum.  Enrichment opportunities within school  ensure all our children have experiences to make links between their learning and the world in which we live.  Opportunity to further enhance their experience of scientific ideas are  promoted through homework and the sharing of information about regional science exhibitions and events.  Learning opportunities enable all our children to work collaboratively, apply their reading, writing and speaking skills to raise questions and make observations, methodically plan and safely carrying out investigations.  On their transition to Key Stage Three our children will have the resilience and confidence to independently initiate scientific enquiry and investigation.



At Tarporley CE, science is  given the time needed to ensure that a positive learning attitude is created and expectations reinforced, so that all children can achieve success in this core subject.  The learning environment and teaching strategies help to keep all children engaged and inspire them to want to investigate the world around them, including the school grounds, through group discussions, presentations, demonstrations, videos, practical explanations, experimental work, as well as child-led instruction where this is possible and appropriate.  Learning activities focus on developing our children to enquire, observe, locate sources of information, plan investigations, select appropriate equipment and use it safely, measure, record and analyse results and communicate findings. 

During the learning opportunities our children build from prior learning and consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding of fundamental principles within the areas of biology, chemistry and physics through a focus on practical science, allowing the children substantial opportunities to demonstrate working scientifically by generating scientific questions and collaborating with their peers. 

They take ownership of their learning to make predictions, solve challenges and explain scientific phenomena using an enquiry-based approach to working scientifically and applying their learning to contexts that link with both their out of school experiences and within school the link with regional, national and worldwide science institutions.

At Tarporley CE the topics in science  build on prior learning opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills and knowledge in each unit and we also build progression into the science scheme of work, so that the children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school. 

The school bases its curriculum on the national curriculum guidelines, which are taught primarily through the PLAN primary science  resources scheme.  This takes account of mixed year groups as lessons will be taught on a 2-year rolling cycle.  Each topic area will be taught at least once during every year group.



The successful approach at Tarporley CE results in a fun, engaging, high-quality science education that provides children with the foundations and knowledge for understanding the world. Our children love Science!

Children will know more, remember more and understand more about the science curriculum. Children retain prior-learning and explicitly make connections between what they have previously learned and what they are currently learning.


 All children will have:

.A wider variety of skills linked to both scientific knowledge and understanding, and scientific enquiry/investigative skills

 A richer vocabulary which will enable them to articulate their understanding of taught concepts

 Confidence and a love of learning for all things science


Should you have questions about our Science curriculum, please contact our Subject Lead for Science, Mr Lawrence.




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