House System

At Tarporley CE Primary School we operate a House System to allow our children to Let their Light Shine. All the children are allocated a House and they will spend all their time with us in that one House. Every week, in our Friday Celebration Assembly, House Points are announced for the week, with the house shield going to the winning House at the end of each term.

Children can earn House Points for their Houses by working hard in class, producing really good quality work, being polite and courteous, good behaviour, helping each other and by setting a good example. They also earn points for showing Bravery, being Outward facing, embracing Opportunities as they acquire both Knowledge and Skillsand enhance this through their Spirituality (BOOKS approach) as they 'Let their Light Shine.'

As well as the academic side of school life, children also represent their Houses in Sports Day and other sporting/competitive events throughout the year. The Houses make up our school Parliament and each House is represented by a Parliament Lead. Children are encouraged to be proud of their House association.

Parliament Leaders

Our new Parliament Leads are elected for each House in the first two weeks of term.

All of the candidates have the opportunity to present their manifestos to the whole school in assembly this is then followed by an election.

Our Current Parliament Leads are:



 Emily & Ben



Seth & Tia



Chelsea & Matthew  



Leo & Emilia  

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