Otters (Yr2) 2022 - 2023

Mr Brown

Teacher: Mr Nick Brown

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mossford

Welcome to Otters class!


In Otters class we chose this Psalm to show what it means to be in our class. It also links to one of our favourite books.

Psalm 73.23.png


Please the opportunity a look at the useful information about what Otters class will be doing this term.

PE Days: Tuesday and Friday, plese come in your kit on these days.



Here at Tarporley we follow the BOOKS approach to our curriculum. We want to be/have:

Bravery                                        Otters are brave

Outward-facing                           Otters are outward - facing

Opportunities                              Otters embrace opportunities

Knowledge and skills                 Otters seek knowledge and skills

Spirituality                                   Otters are spiritual


Spring 1:

English: Please do not read the books ahead of time as we enjoy discovering them together!

The Dragon Machine-Helen Ward Jill Tomlinson, a highly-imaginative tale along the lines of Where The WIld Things Are. The Dragonsitter Disasters- Josh Lacey

Focus: understanding a sentence needs a capital letter at the start, a subject and a verb (usually) and the full stop goes at the end of the idea. 

         : writing a narrative in the past using the first person ('I'); consider the use of conjunctions and starting to build an awareness of paragraphs.


Number: multiplication and division

Geometry: revising the properties of 2D and 3D shapes

Religious Education:

Christianity - We will be exploring the following 'Big Questions'

Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?

In Worship, we are learning about Joseph and how God's light saved him in his darkest hour. We will be reflecting on how giving our trust to God will bring our own light to shine. 


Uses of everyday materials: Why do we use different materials for different jobs? How to describe different materials.

History and Geography:

Events beyond living memory: The Great FIre of London 1666 - how, when, why it started and how it was stopped. Compare and contrast with The Great Fire of Nantwich 1583.

Art and Design: 

Illustrating part of the Great FIre of London


Invasion games



Class Charter

In Otters Class we:

listen to everybody and we take turns to speak

help each other to stay safe and to learn

show kindness every day

are loving towards everyone and our planet

forgive because everyone makes mistakes

So that we can Let Our Light Shine (Matthew 5)!



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