Otters (Yr2) 2023 - 2024

Mr Brown

Teacher: Mr Nick Brown

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mossford

Welcome to Otters' class!


In Otters class we chose this Psalm to show what it means to be in our class. It also links to one of our favourite books.

Psalm 73.23.png


Please the opportunity a look at the useful information about what Otters class will be doing this term.

PE Days: Tuesday and Friday, plese come in your kit on these days.



Here at Tarporley we follow the BOOKS approach to our curriculum. We want to be/have:

Bravery                                        Otters brave the rivers and seas together

Outward-facing                           Otters look out to the world around them

Opportunities                              Otters take advantage of the opportunities that come their way

Knowledge and skills                 Otters seek out knowledge and skills

Spirituality                                   Otters are spiritual


Here is our y2 curriculum for spring 2 2024. 

Our topic is 'Let's Play'

Religious Education:

Christianity - We will be exploring the following 'Big Questions' and considering our place in religion- Christianity and others. .

Why do Christians celebrate Easter?


English: Please do not read the books ahead of time as we enjoy discovering them together!

Major Glad & Major Dizzy by Jan Oke

Focus: sentences with different forms (statement, question, exclamation, command) and their relevant punctuation

          : subordination (because and when)

          : present and past tenses used correctly and consistently.

Writing a diary




         : multiplication and divsion

         :properties of shape


Marvellous materials



How have toys changed?


     making pictures



           In the Groove



striking for accuracy


No Outsiders:

That's not how you do it- Arianne Hofmann-Maniyar

My World, Your World

Max the Champion

Focus: we're all different and we can all get along


Class Charter

In Otters Class we:

listen to everybody and we take turns to speak

help each other to stay safe and to learn

show kindness every day

are loving towards everyone and our planet

forgive because everyone makes mistakes

So that we can Let Our Light Shine (Matthew 5)!

Our Curriculum - autumn 2023


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