Supporting children with SEND

At Tarporley CE, we believe in working together with our families to support our children.

Please have a look at the links below to see how we can support children with and without additional needs.


Supporting Children at Tarporley CE

 all children can learn.jpeg  Spelling - What's the Magic Word?

all children can learn.jpegADHD

all children can learn.jpeg ASD

all children can learn.jpegConcentration Difficulties 

all children can learn.jpeg Dyscalculia

all children can learn.jpegDyslexia

all children can learn.jpegHearing Impairment 

all children can learn.jpeg Managing Anger 

all children can learn.jpegReading Difficulties 

all children can learn.jpegVisual Impairment

all children can learn.jpegDCD - Dyspraxia 

all children can learn.jpegMemory Difficulties 


SEND.jpeg Parental Support For Anxiety 

SEND.jpegExplaining Anxiety to Children 

SEND.jpeg Template to make a key ring to support anxiety 

SEND.jpeg Anxiety Management Apps



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