At Tarporley CE, we strive for all children to develop a thirst and enthusiasm for learning mathematics 'Letting their Light Shine' through our BOOKS approach.

"It was tricky but I worked it out!" KS1 child


Books Approach


Books are at the heart of everything that we do and within maths this is felt most strongly in the emphasis that we place upon developing children’s knowledge and use of mathematical vocabulary. We will endeavour to make links to the high quality texts that are used across school when they are meaningful and purposeful.


Bravery – teachers are ambitious with their expectations of children and children have the self-belief to take risks and make mistakes as part of their learning journey.

Outward-Facing – maths is studied using real world contexts that children can relate to and is used in other curriculum areas such as map reading in Geography.

Opportunities – every maths lesson provides opportunity to exploration and discovery. Teachers create opportunity to take maths outside the classroom to ensure that leaning is ‘sticky’.

Knowledge and Skills – our maths curriculum ensures that the knowledge and skills are sequenced in a way that children are able to make progress. Vocabulary development is major part of this. Opportunities for high quality practice are planned for to enable children to master the curriculum.

Spirituality – in maths we explore the infinite possibilities of number, the concept of time and the ideas of truth, certainty and likelihood.


Through a mastery approach (applying skills across different contexts) to the teaching of maths, we aim to ensure children are given a deeper and broader understanding of the key mathematical concepts in small progressive steps rather than being accelerated quickly through new content.

We believe this approach ensures that all children can achieve. We want to inspire and excite children in their learning and help them to learn and remember more so that they are confident with the skills and knowledge needed to continue their maths journey as they progress through Tarporley CE and beyond. We want to provide children with a progressive and coherent pathway through their maths learning to ensure opportunities are given to develop this. 

The school is working in partnership with a DfE funded mastery project with a number of other schools involved (North West Maths Hub). 

In order to support your child with their maths effectively at home, and let their light shine in this area, it is helpful to understand the methods we use to teach them at school.

The Maths calculation strategies that we use in school develop as children progress through the year groups. It is important that children have a secure understanding of mathematical concepts before they used formal written methods of calculation. The calculation strategies and mathematical vocabulary that we use at Tarporley CE Primary can be found below.

To support children's understandig of new mathematical concepts, we start by using concrete resources (using apparatus such as counters or Numicon), then using pictures to represent their thinking (drawings, part-whole models or bar modelling) before finally completing calculations in a more abstract way (calculation number sentences). This method applies in all year groups.

At every stage, it is paramount for children to explain their reasoning about how they are calculating. This includes how they know an answer is or isn't correct and why they used a particular method for the calculation.


Curriculum Leader: Mr Nick Brown

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