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Here at Tarporley CE Primary we have lots of opportunities to enable our children to 'Let Their Light Shine'. Being a member of our school parliament is  just one of them.img_3798-002.jpg

What does it do?

The school  Parliament does a number of things:

  • The school Parliament meets, with members of Parliament, a teacher and governor present - to discuss and sort out issues of concern or ideas raised by class members. These may include school development, school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

  • Members of the school Parliament are responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning events, seeking opportunities, or meeting with members of the school community.

  • Previously Parliaments have been asked to help choose the new road names for the housing development being built. Successfully securing a £10,000 lottery grant to carry out the phase 2 development of our outdoor area.  Building links with the local Parish council and community. Consulting a range of stakeholders and planning for the expansion of our school as well as meeting with out local MP. In 2017/18 the Parliament played a key part in the expansion of our school and buried wishes for the future generations of our school in the new foundations. Led consultations on the naming of our classes, reviewed our school vision. They played a key role in the creation of our virtual worships throughout lockdown, even staging a take over! Parliament Takeover Worship

What are the aims of the school Parliament?

  • To make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for children where they can let their light shine.

  • To make sure that children have a place to voice their concerns.

  • To encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements.

  • To make sure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.

What jobs are there?

Each year, an election day is held and candidates share their manifesto in a whole school worship. Pupils are encouraged to campaign for votes before and after school in the playground. On election day, every pupil from Reception to Year 6 vote for the candidate they would like to lead their House.

What makes our school Parliament a good one?

A good school Parliament is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done. These are some things that make our school Parliament effective:

  • Regular meetings

  • A Parliament that is not too big

  • Good communication between representatives and their House members

The school Parliament has a noticeboard in the school hall where the minutes of meetings are displayed and important information is posted.

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