Pupil ICT Agreement

When using ICT equipment in school pupils must agree to the following:

  • I will ask permission before entering any Web site, unless my teacher has already approved that site.
  • I will use only my own login and password, which I will keep secret.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or my teacher has approved.
  • The messages I send will be polite and sensible.
  • When sending e-mail, I will not give my home address or phone number, or arrange to meet someone.
  • I will ask for permission before opening an e-mail or an e-mail attachment sent by someone I do not know.
  • I will not use Internet chat except if it is a discussion room that has been set up by my teacher using the school VLE.
  • Any work I display using the school VLE will be work that I know I would want my family and friends to see.
  • If I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive messages I do not like, I will tell a teacher immediately.
  • I know that the school may check my computer files and may monitor the Internet sites I visit.
  • I understand that if I deliberately break these rules, I could be stopped from using the Internet or computers.

The school may exercise its right by electronic means to monitor the use of the school's computer systems, including the monitoring of web-sites, the interception of E-mail and the deletion of inappropriate materials in circumstances where it believes unauthorised use of the school's computer system is or may be taking place, or the system is or may be being used for criminal purposes or for storing text or imagery which is unauthorised or unlawful.

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