Week Ending 15/03/24

Date: 4th Mar 2024 @ 4:19pm

Happy Friday!  This week we have celebrated British Science Week. We have tried to spark scientific curiosity and let our little ones unleash their inner Einstein this British Science Week! Children are naturally curious and Piaget often referred to children as mini-scientists. All of our children have questions inside them that they love to ask and are naturally interested in the why and how things work or happen in the world around them. Dormice and Hedgehogs have been creating their own PIRATE SHIPS this week. The buzz in the classroom was lovely. We knuckled down and worked together as a team to construct our boats. We were really motivated to use our plans to create a shared vision of our pirate ships. With the support of Mrs Line and Mrs Palmer, we worked our which recyclable material would be the most waterproof and tested our ships on the Tarporley ocean water. 

Spring Term Dates

    • Wednesday 27th March – EYFS class assembly (9am – school hall). 

Class  Assembly - The Gruffalo 

As you are aware we are in the midst of practising for our Gruffalo Show and rehearsals are well underway now. Please may we ask that your child comes into school on the day in a black top/black leggings/trousers. We have all the costumes in school so this will act as their baselayer. Children can still come to school in their trainers as they will still have their PE lesson with Mr Elton later that morning. 

Little Wandle (Phonics)

Please see the downloadable attachment below to practise the sounds/words we have been learning this week. 

Kinetic Letters

Kinetic Letters is the first thing we do each morning as the children come into school. We focus on teaching the children letter formation and aim that it becomes automatic as soon as possible. Please can you ensure that your child is in school by 8:45am so they are not missing out on this important lesson. 

Dough Disco with Shonette is a firm favourite in the Early Years as it focuses on strengthening our fine motor skills making it easier for writing. Here is the link if you want to have a go at home. There’s a pirate one too! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=spread+the+happiness+dough+disco


This week we met number 9! We learnt that number 9 is easy to subitiise (recongise without counting) as it’s one less than 10. Can your child quickly show you nine fingers and explain why they could show the amount so quickly? We used numicon and unifix to find number bonds to 9 and recorded them in number sentences. We challenged the children to finx the number bonds systematically and try to spot what happens to the parts each time. We found out that number 9 is a square (3x3) like number 4 (2x2). I wonder if you can find any other square numbers with your child? Can you prove your findings using objects and then upload to Tapestry?

On Monday, we found a message in a bottle had been 'washed up' on the shores of Tarporley. It was from the Pirates who told us they were sailing nearby. We wrote messages on scrolls to send back to them. Some children wanted them to come ashore and play with them so sent some lovely replies back, others weren't so keen! 

On Tuesday, we read the first few pages of ‘The Pirates Are Coming’ and enjoyed thinking about where the villagers should hide from the pirates. we learnt lots of new vocabulary related to pirates such as crow’s nest, Jolly Roger, cannons, mast and portcullis. 

On Wednesday, we drew and labelled a pirate ship together. The children then wrote their own descriptions of pirate ships using all their new vocabulary.

On Thursday, we watched a clip from Peter Pan and talked about pirates. What do they look like? We made posters to try and catch the pirates! We changed our reading books and sent home all books today.

On Friday, we finished British Science Week by thinking about the use of different materials. We explored how objects move in water and conducted our own sinking or floating experiment. We used junk model materials to create our own pirate ships and looked at how the wind can move objects across the ocean. 

Well done to our Stars of the Week, Penelope and Lara! 

Our mystery reader this week was Faith's mum and sister Caitlin. Thank you for coming to share a story with us! 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Miss Selwyn and Miss Woodward

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