Phonics & Reading in Year 1 & the Phonics Screening Check

Phonics in Year 1

Welcome to our phonics page! Here you will find resources to support your child's learning in phonics and reading. For more information see the English curriculum page on the website.

Click on this link to see the short videos of support for parents from Reception to the end of Y1.

There is lots of information about how we teach reading and spelling using Little Wandle Letters & Sounds Revised. Included is how to pronounce the GPCs, what is taught when and how to write capital letters (that fits with our Kinetic Letters).


Did you know...?

  • there are 26 graphemes (letters)
  • there are 44 phonemes (sounds)
  • English is a phonetic language 
  • 'tricky words' are only tricky until they have been taught the code so 'what' was tricky because we did not used to know the digraph 'wh' for 'w' or 'a' for 'o'. As soon as we have learnt this part of the code, 'what' is no longer considered tricky. 
  • decoding means sounding out so you can...
  • blending means putting the sounds together to make a word
  • segmenting means saying the sounds out to spell/hear them


The Phonics Screening Check

This is a Government-created test that Y1 children across  England do in June. It consists of 40 words, 20 are real words, 20 are pseudo (alien/nonsense) words with accompanying alien pictures. Its task is to see the success of the phonics strategy as children must recognise a selection of GPCs from reception to the end of y1 study. Mrs Harrison and Miss Jones will complete the check with the children in a quiet place and with stickers and smiles! We are not allowed to open the test until the day we start; there are strict expectations on us as professionals to adhere to the requirements of the test (eg we cannot prompt a child to have another go or point out the digraphs to them). Children can self-correct and there are variations of expectations for the pseudo words of how they can be pronouced (eg 'vere' could be v-air or v-ear) and our in-depth knowledge of our children also takes into account any accents or speech variations. The past mark can vary year on year; it is usually 32-33 out of 40. If your child does not 'pass', then they will retake at the end of y2. The results will be part of your end of year report. The test takes about 10mins and a break can be used if a child needs one- again, Miss Jones and I will know when. The children will do a small number of mock tests before June and our Little Wandle phonics curriculum includes techniques in May so the children are familiar with the test.

Please rest assured - the children have a lovely time with us!



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