Keeping the body and mind active

Below you will find a range of activities for your children to engage with - they will enable them to stay active, have fun and give their bodies and minds a positive work out.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are so many fantastic resources, apps and videos out there that you can find just by googling. I will try to keep updating this page with great new ideas and websites as best as I can.

Why not learn a new dance, a new sport or just try and keep up with Joe Wicks everyday (this includes you parents – join in, make it a fun and add a competitive element to it if you wish).

(There are also some downloadable files at the bottom of the page which hopefully you will find useful.)

Staying Active:

  • Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) – He will be doing a live stream every morning from 9am, ‘Starting Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday he will be going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV -

Also on his YouTube channel, he has workout videos for kids and adults too. Check it out -


  • Cosmic Yoga - Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world - (Many of the children use this at school already and they absolutely love it, from Reception to Year 6!)


  • 5adaytv – In school we often use this to break up a lesson or just to get the children moving for 5 minutes. Again, it is another popular one with the children and its lot of fun and they can even learn a new language at the same time. Visit

2 favourites are and









Mindfulness is also a valuable tool to help your children through this difficult time.  Below are some links to help you to provide some calm, some positivity and some reflection for your children. Once again, why not join in and make it a part of the day when the family come together and take some time out to keep your minds fit and healthy.


  • Number of good apps on the google and apple apps store - e.g. Ninja Focus 





Files to Download

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