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Homework is an important element of every pupils' academic career, and stands them in good stead for the future when more and more they will be expected to undertake tasks independently. It also allows pupils to practice skills and develop qualities such as meeting a deadline and self-discipline. 

In Year 5, homework will be set weekly on a Friday and is to be returned to our homework monitors on or before the following Wednesday.

Homework diaries are given to all pupils and are dual purpose. The diaries allow pupils to keep track of their homework tasks and other important dates as well as acting as their reading diaries.

Pupils are strongly encouraged to read as widely as possible, as often as possible, ideally every day. They must also record when they read, or are heard read by an adult, in their diaries at least three times a week.

Every other week, pupils will use the online maths resource MyMaths as their homework task. (Any children without a login should speak with me.) On alternate weeks, a different maths challenge will be set and should be completed in their homework books. English homework will alternate between a comprehension challenge and a SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) task.

Spellings will also be set on Tuesdays and tested the following Tuesday.

It is an expectation that all pupils take the same care with their homework that they would their class work. Homework books and homework diaries should always be well-presented and written in using pencil or blue pen. Doodling or drawing pictures on either books is not permitted. In addition, homework diaries should be brought into school daily so they can be checked and so that guided reading sessions can be added.

Pupils are encouraged to speak with an adult in class before the homework is due if they are finding any aspect of it difficult or if they have a question.   

On Year 5's home page, there are a number of suggested planning frames for a range of writing genres to support with written homework tasks.

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