Weekly Blog 30/09/22

Date: 28th Sep 2022 @ 4:13pm

Happy Friday! It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn has arrived, darker nights setting in, jumping in muddy puddles and conker walks! Nothing quite says Autumn is here again like conkers falling from the trees to the delight of children up and down the country. These are one of the most iconic signs of Autumn and provide endless fun and discovery. The children have been learning about how these glossy brown seeds are from a horse chestnut tree and they grow in green spiky cases. The shells often fall to the ground and split on impact to reveal the shiny conker inside. I wonder how many signs of Autumn you can spot on your next walk outside? (See sheet below)

A date for your diary! The KS1 Harvest Service will be Monday 10th October at 9:30am. We will need adults to help us walk down to church for that time please let the office know if you are able to help, thank you.

This week in Phonics we have learnt G, O, C and K and the children are excited to read their online books with these taught sounds. We have also learnt some harder to read and spell words I, THE, NO, PUT, OF, IS. These will be in your online reading books for this week as the children begin to read longer sentences. These are words that cannot be sounded out but should be learnt by heart as they appear time and time again. When you are reading with your child, please encourage them to hold the book themselves and point to each word that they are reading so they do not lose their place, thank you. We have added a reading top tips poster below! 

In Maths we have been begun our numbers journey and explored the numbers 1, 2 and 3. We met the Numberblocks 1, 2 and 3 and focussed on subitising these numbers. This means teaching the children to recognise 1, 2 or 3 items in a pile without counting. For example, can your child instantly recognise that there are three chairs around a table or do they need to count them? This is easily practised by playing lots of dice games where your child can subitise the dots on the dice. we also taught the children to play noughts and crosses! This is a great game to practise subitising and a good way to practise the skill at home. If you see your child subitising at home (saying how many without counting) then upload your observation to Tapestry. We love showing you what your child can do at school but we also like to see your child using their learning at home. Think about moments that make you say ‘WOW!’

On Monday we we read the story of The Little Red Hen. We added actions to the story and retold it using puppets in our choosing time. Our fine motor challenge was to pick up seeds using our holding fingers (thumb and pointing finger) without getting flour on our hands. This is to support our pencil grip!

On Tuesday we retold the story of The Little Red Hen using pictures to help us. This is a good skill to learn and can be practised after your child reads their reading book. Can they remember what happened in the right order? We also had a visit from a lovely lady called Louise who taught us some new strategies for helping with our mental health. We learnt to say our 'glads' at the end of the day (I am glad about...), to exercise for our minds and to breathe deeply when feeling angry. Saying your 'glads' around the kitchen table is a lovely idea to enrich your tea time conversation!

On Wednesday we drew story maps for the Little Red Hen to help us continue to retell the story. The children created some amazing pictures and were able to remember lots of details from the story.

On Thursday we made Hedgehog and Dormice bread! We kneaded, proved and turning our bread rolls into hedgehogs and dormice. Delicious! In the afternoon we continued to develop our skills on the balance bikes and enjoyed a music lesson.

On Friday we enjoyed going to celebration assembly and our weekly Wake Up, Shake Up! The children moved in time to the music and learnt lots of new actions. In the afternoon, we did some French with Mrs Line and Mrs Palmer and changed our library books.

Our mystery readers this week were Ophelia's Dad and Evie's Mum, thank you for coming to share a story with us! Please speak to your child’s class teacher to put a date in the diary if you would like to be mystery reader.

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week, Chloe and Toby. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Nicholas and Miss Selwyn

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