Week Ending 4/11/22

Date: 2nd Nov 2022 @ 8:53pm

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful half term holiday. We have really enjoyed hearing all about the children’s adventures over half term through Tapestry or Show and Tell. This week we have been reading the story of ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. In the story, the animals learn to share the jobs while making soup and become better friends. We completed lots of pumpkin themed tasks and made our own tasty soup!

My Family Coach

We wanted to draw your attention to a parenting website full of information that may be useful for you to use with your child. It includes information on topics such as mental health, screen time, how to calm down and friendships. Some of the articles on the home page today are:

  • What to Do When Your Child Feels Scared
  • How Can I Help my Young Child Eat Well
  • How Can I Understand My Child's Behaviour?
  • Understanding Anxious Feelings
  • Simple Ways to Support Your Grumpy Child

Here is the website: https://www.myfamilycoach.com/ 

Library Books

Please can you return any school library books you have at home as soon as possible, thank you. 

Parent's Book Viewing

As you may have seen on the latest Primary News, parents from across the school are invited in on Wednesday 30th November to look at their children's work in books e.g. Maths book, English book etc. However, in EYFS we do not have books, we use Tapestry to keep up updated weekly on your child's learning and progress. Therefore we will be holding a craft session for parents. You are invited to come in for the last hour of the day and make a Christmas card with your child. We look forward to seeing those that can make it. 

Diary Dates!

  • Friday 11th November – PTA meeting 1pm at school (including AGM)
  • Week Beginning 21st November -Parents Evening (Info to follow from school office)
  • Wednesday 7th December- EYFS Nativity 2pm at St Helens Church
  • Monday 12th December- Trip to Park Hall Farm

This half term in phonics, we are introducing letter formation. This has begun in our phonics lessons this week but will move to a handwriting session at 8:45am each morning from next week so please ensure your child is on time! We open the doors at 8:40am each morning. At Tarporley, we use Kinetic Letters as our handwriting scheme. Some of you will already be aware of this from older siblings but if you are unsure, then please have a look at the page on our school website for more information: http://www.tarporleyce.cheshire.sch.uk/page/handwriting-kinetic-letters/51112 

I have also linked a video below with some examples. We are starting by learning the ‘jumper family’ which contains the letters h, n, m, b, p and r. Kinetic Letters introduces writing on a line from the start and teaches them that all letters start from the ‘brave monkey’s branch’ (top of the line) or the ‘scared monkey’s branch’ (middle of the lines). No letters start from the ‘ground’ (bottom line)! To support your child at home, please encourage them to start their letters from the right place, hold their pencil correctly and provide lines for them to write on.

In Maths we have learnt all about ‘part/whole’ models for the first time. Please see the video below for some more information about how to help your child with this at home. We have been learning how to split the numbers 1-5 into two parts. Numberblock four can split into two equal parts and make the Terrrible Twos! We used the part whole model to help us show our working and orally practised number sentences. This is really easy to continue at home. For example “I have two sweets and you have two sweets, how many is that altogether? What would the number sentence be? How about if I give you one of my sweets?” If you see your child adding accurately at home then upload your observation to Tapestry. We love showing you what your child can do at school but we also like to see your child using their learning at home. Think about moments that make you say ‘WOW!’

On Monday we started our story of Pumpkin Soup. The characters were friendly in the beginning so we made predictions about what might happen next. We really enjoyed Show and Tell today and enjoyed hearing all about the children’s holidays.

On Tuesday we read some more of the story and thought of lots of ideas to help the animals bring the duck back home. The children were so thoughtful with their ideas! We used the double sided counters in maths to make some number sentences and continued to learn about part/whole models.

On Wednesday we finished the story and carved a pumpkin to find out how many seeds were inside. We has so many predictions… 17….100…a million!

On Thursday we made pumpkin soup, it was delicious! We had our first indoor PE lesson. We practised our throwing and catching skills and tried hard to aim bean bags at a hoop. This links with our maths! “How many bean bags inside the hoop? How many outside? How many altogether? Can you say that as a number sentence e.g. 1+3=4” This is a great game to play at home as well.

On Friday we enjoyed going to celebration assembly and our weekly Wake Up, Shake Up! In the afternoon, we did some French with Mrs Palmer and Mrs Line and changed our library books.

Our mystery readers this week were CJ's Mum and Kian’s Mum, thank you for coming to share a story with us! Please speak to your child’s class teacher to put a date in the diary if you would like to be mystery reader.

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week, Ella and Olivia!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Nicholas and Miss Selwyn

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