Week Ending 28/04/23

Date: 28th Apr 2023 @ 12:54pm

Happy Friday! What a lovely first week of coronation celebrations we have had! Dormice have been learning about the King and his passion for conservation. They have explored the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and made their own passport for Derek. Hedgehogs have been learning about traditions associated with the coronation and the monarchy of the past. They compared Queen Elizabeth II's coronation to what we know will happen next week. We also started decorating the classrooms and making crowns for our party. Please remember the children can come in party clothes next Friday. 

Please may we remind you that as the days get warmer, ensure your child brings in a water bottle, a sun hat and apply sun cream before school. All of which should be labelled. If your child requires a top up through the day we advise the roll-on sun creams which your child can independently apply themselves. Thank you. 

The school nurse returned to check the hearing of those who failed last time, please look in your child's bookbag for the letter with their results. 

Dates for the diary this half term:

Monday 1st May- School Closed (May Day)

Monday 8th May – School Closed (King’s Coronation)

Wednesday 24th May – EYFS Sports Day 9am – 10am (weather permitting). We ask that your child come to school in either a yellow, red, blue or green top, this is dependent on which coloured house your child is in.

Beeston – RED

Cholmondeley – BLUE

Peckforton – GREEN

Chester – YELLOW

If your child doesn’t know which house they are in, just ask them which coloured house points they put in their pot and this should give you the answer! Alternatively, please come and see us and we can confirm.

Save the date - Park Hall Farm Trip (rescheduled for Tuesday 13th June)

As you are aware we were unable to go on our Autumn school trip to Park Hall Farm due to the weather conditions at the time. We are happy to announce we have managed to find a date next half term. This will now take place on Tuesday 13th June. The children will need a packed lunch, comfortable walking shoes and trousers. Please ensure they wear a school jumper to identification purposes. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.

Talking Point

This week we have been talking about King Charles and the coronation. For this week’s Big Question, ask your child “what would you do if you were King/Queen?”

Little Wandle (Phonics)

This term we move onto Phase 4 in our phonics journey! The children do not learn any new phonemes or graphemes. Instead, they are taught to further manipulate the phonemes and graphemes they have already learnt. They will begin to explore more polysyllabic words (words containing more than one syllable) and read and spell words containing adjacent consonants. E.g. string, milk, brush, scoop etc. Phase 4 requires the children to blend an increasing number of sounds together. These words are often referred to in relation to how many vowels and consonants they contain.

E.g. CVC words (consonant / vowel / consonant) such as sad, net, him.

This week we have been focusing on CVCC words (consonant / vowel / consonant / consonant) such as went, help, tent etc. We have also learnt the tricky words like, love, do and so.

As always, please see the downloadable attachment below to practise the CVCC words and tricky words we have been learning this week.

In Maths, we have started to learn number bonds to 10! We decided that there are so many ways to make ten, that we needed to find a systematic way to find them. We started with 0+10 and then used lots of different resources to make 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6 and 5+5. The children spotted that as one side increased, the other decreased. We wrote them in number sentences systematically as well! To learn these off by half

On Monday, Dormice started to learn about King Charles and the four countries of the United Kingdom. Hedgehogs read the story of ‘The King’s Runaway Crown’ and found out about kings and queens of the past. Next week we will swap over!

On Tuesday, we all enjoyed a visit from Fiona and her dog, Lottie. Lottie enjoyed being walked and then shared stories with some children. Fiona and Lottie come in each week with the children taking turns to spend time with them. It’s one of our favourite parts of the week!

On Wednesday, we all enjoyed collective worship with ‘Jack’ our RE dog (not as real as Lottie!). We have been continuing with stories from the Bible after Jesus rose again. The children came up with lots of insightful questions that they would ask if they had been on the beach with him.

On Thursday, we all enjoyed our Wake Up, Shake Up session in the afternoon. The children are really confident in their dancing now and moving in time to the music.

On Friday, we all continued our Sports Day practice. We introduced the children to three new races; egg and spoon, bean bag on head and relay! The children were great sports and cheered on their friends.

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week, Volodymyr and CJ.

Please be aware that celebration assembly is now 9:30am!

Our mystery readers this week were Bea's Mum and Harry’s Dad. Thank you for coming to share your story with us!

Please speak to your child’s class teacher to put a date in the diary if you would like to be mystery reader. We still have many available dates this term, please get in touch if you can help!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Nicholas and Miss Selwyn

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