Week Ending 23/06/23

Date: 23rd Jun 2023 @ 2:53pm

Happy Friday! Although the weather hasn't always been on our side, we've still made the most of getting out and about especially as it has been National Sport Week. Each day the children have taken part in 30 minutes of exercise in the form of the daily mile, our PE lessons or Wake Up Shake Up.  The government have asked for all children to be active within school for 30 minutes a day, and then outside of school for at least another 30 minutes, supporting every child to reach the minimum amount of 60 active minutes per day. The children have loved developing their gross motor skills and have enjoyed completing their five laps of our school grounds. There is still time to donate online with funds going to our Daily Mile track fundraiser: 


Dates for the Diary:

Friday 30th June - International Mud Day celebrations- messy clothes needed! Please see below for more information.

Tuesday 4th July - 3:30-4pm Meet the Year 1 Teacher. An opportunity for parents to meet the Year 1 staff and see the classroom. 

Thursday 6th July- Reception (plus the whole school!) have been invited down to the community centre to watch Year 6 do their dress rehearsal for their show! If you are available to help us walk down and back we would appreciate it. However, Year 6 ask that you don’t stay and spoil the surprise! If a group of kind parents could walk us down for 1:15pm, have a lovely coffee and walk us back we would be very grateful!

Thursday 13th July- This time Year 6 are coming to watch our End of Year Show dress rehearsal! Again, we would be very grateful for walkers down to the Baptist Methodist Church in the morning and then back again. A coffee in the middle again as we don’t want to spoil the show for you! Thank you.

Friday 14th July – Reports sent out

Monday 17th July – End of Year Show at the Baptist Methodist Church. If you are available to help either class walk down then let the class teacher know please.

Hedgehogs – 9:15am            Dormice – 10:00am (or as close to as possible)

Thursday 20th July – PTA BBQ (Come and join us on the playground after school for our annual BBQ to celebrate your child's wonderful first year of school!)


Mud Day – Next Friday (30th June)

Please see email attached to last week’s blog regarding permission for next week. Please can you let your child’s class teacher/the school office know if you would not like us to change your child afterwards. The children need to wear messy clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy/may need throwing away. Please bring a towel and a spare change of clothes for them to get dressed into warmer attire at the end of the day. LABEL EVERYTHING IF YOU CAN!


Talking Point – Home is where the heart is. The theme this year is 'compassion'. 

This week is Refugee Week. We introduced the term ‘refugee’ to the children and discussed reasons why some families have to leave their homes and how they might feel. The children have really taken this year’s theme to heart and shown such compassion in their thoughtful answers to some big questions during collective worship.

Our big question this week is ‘what might children worry about when they start in a new school in a new country and how can we make them feel welcome?’

Little Wandle (Phonics)

This term we continue our Phase 4 phonics journey! The children do not learn any new phonemes or graphemes. Instead, they are taught to further manipulate the phonemes and graphemes they have already learnt. They will begin to explore more polysyllabic words (words containing more than one syllable) and read and spell words containing adjacent consonants. E.g. string, milk, brush, scoop etc. Phase 4 requires the children to blend an increasing number of sounds together.

This week we have been making words plural by adding -s or -es and focusing on longer words. The spelling rule is: when the word ends in ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘z’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, or ‘x’ you add ‘es’. Why not have a go at seeing which of these words require -s or an -es? Think of a sentence to go with your new word.

  • kiss > kisses
  • brush >
  • dog >
  • push >
  • bird >
  • box >
  • rabbit >

In Maths, we have been thinking about the number zero! We explored what happens when take zero away from the whole (it stays the same) and what happens when you take everything away (zero is left). We recorded these ideas in number sentences and using our reasoning to explain our answers.

On Monday, we started our new book ‘The Sea Saw’ and Miss Selwyn and Miss Nicholas brought in a precious item from home to share with the children. We talked about what this meant and how we would feel if we lost it. We also had some egg-citing news about the arrival of some eggs in an incubator in our Orangery. 

On Tuesday, we marked World Refugee Day by celebrating the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country. We had some special visitors (our wonderful Ukranian families) come into show us some videos and pictures of Ukraine. We also learnt a lovely Ukranian dance too. Thank you to Sofia, Lev, Vova and Vadym (and Vadym's Mum) for sharing your culture and traditions with us. 

On Wednesday, we started to read our new story and discussed some of the vocabulary the author has used to describe Sofia's bear. We then made an invitation to our very own Teddy Bear's Picnic.

On Thursday, we held our very own Teddy Bear's Picnic and invited some of the class teddies to join us while we enjoyed some cupcakes in the summer sunshine. 

On Friday, we noticed that our new Pathways book is set in the past. We looked at pictures of holidays in the past and compared them to things we do now in the present.  How things have changed! 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week, Ola and Evie!

Please be aware that celebration assembly is now 9:30am!

Our mystery readers this week were CJ's Mum and Ted's Mum.

Thank you for coming to share your story with us!

Please speak to your child’s class teacher to put a date in the diary if you would like to be mystery reader. We don’t have many weeks left until the end of year!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Selwyn and Miss Nicholas


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