Is it week 5 already?

Date: 27th Nov 2022 @ 6:08am

These weeks are rolling rapidly towards Christmas, right! One minute you're putting the clocks back and the next, the shortest day is looming. But first...the nativity. And what a whole bundle of cuteness it will be! Our actors have been booming their lines out, the songs are well and truly learnt and the narrators are using their prosody skills that would make any TV announcer proud! Now to make sure they peak amidst the excitement on the 7th...

We are nearing the end of 'All About Owls' and this next week English is all about pulling everything together to write a leaflet ("non-chronological report" if they remembered to test you!) over a couple of days. We won't have it ready for our 'Let your writing shine' board when you pop in for 5-10mins on Wednesday but it will be in their books for you.

I hope you will see the progress they have made in (less than) a term is evident in their books. I can. The learning behaviour is very good and some writing sessions are now in near- silence because they are using all their energy to concentrate and 'write like a reader'. Now to crack what a subject and a verb is and we've got the all-inportant sentence construction cracked!

In maths it's full steam ahead with + - calculations. I love how the mastery approach provides opportunities to see patterns in maths eg if we know 3+7=10, we know 30+70=100; if we know 5+5 =10, we don't have to start from 0 to calculate 5+4. This deeper-level thinking is creating a good foundation of maths knowledge so they will be ready for 105+314.

So let's have another maths game for you to play at home...I call this Wipe Out and it is very versatile (I'll be promoting it again for rapid recall of doubles).

  1. one dice and paper/pen. Draw a noughts and crosses frame.
  2. Take it in turns to roll the dice. Your number is the number bond to 10, eg if you roll 6, you write 4 in one square of your frame.
  3. Take it in turns to complete all the squares.
  4. Now take it in turns to roll the dice again to wipe out each number eg if you roll a 6, you can cross/wipe out one of your 4s (only one mind!).
  5. Keep going until one of you has wiped /crossed out all of your squares.
  6. Variations-
    1. who can get 3 in a row wiped out first and then go for a full house.
    2. 2 dice and they have to add/take away one dice from the other to get the number for the frame.
    3. use digit cards/playing cards to take 2 cards from the top of the pile to +/- to get the number for the frame.
  7. Don't forget to ask- what number do you need to throw to wipe out those last 2 numbers?

Right, I'm off to buy some more class dice!

Mrs H


Thank you for your loveliness this week in our parent evening calls. I enjoyed talking with every single one of you but then I've got this amazing class of children so who wouldn't love spending time explaining some of their gorgeousness in school! This second half of autumn 2 term is all about Joy and Celebration from our values and amidst some bleakness in the wider world, there is a great deal to celebrate within Tarporley Primary and its community and I hope you feel as proud as I do that you are a significant part of that community. I understand the following bible scripture to mean that we're better together than alone. Here's to that celebration!

Romans 12:4–5

For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

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