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Below is a link to a parenting website full of information that may be useful for you to use with your child. It includes information on topics such as mental health, screen time, how to calm down and friendships. Some of the articles on the home page are:

  • What to Do When Your Child Feels Scared
  • How Can I Help my Young Child Eat Well
  • How Can I Understand My Child's Behaviour?
  • Understanding Anxious Feelings
  • Simple Ways to Support Your Grumpy Child

Here is the website:

If you do have concerns about your child's mental health, please get in touch as there are things we can do in school to help. We recently completed training (for staff and pupils) with My Happiness Club who gave us lots of strategies for staying calm, keeping positive and managing our emotions, so chatting with your child about this will help too.

My Happiness Club information

In school, we also have two Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) who can offer support and guidance to pupils and families if you're going through a tough time.

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