Supporting Your Child

Parents are always encouraged to support their children and reinforce the things we do in school.

Supporting children does not have to be in a formal manner. It is important that children enjoy what they are doing and it doesn’t become an onerous task. Young children enjoy listening to stories and by reading to/or with your children you are developing their love of stories and their own ideas for writing. Playing games with children develops their social skills and teaches them the importance of turn taking.

Teachers will set homework activities for your children to carry out and we hope you will support your children with these. Parents are always welcome to come into school and ask about how they are able to help their children at home.

Class talks will be held at the start of each year to explain what the children will be learning; what is expected of them and general information to help parents.

We will also be running a few workshops through the year to cover different topics. Keep an eye on this website and the Monday Mail for further details.

And remember…We learn best when:

  • We are relaxed but a bit puzzled or challenged

  • We are well hydrated

  • We use techniques which maximise the brain's natural preferences for pattern, colour and novelty

  • We do things ourselves

  • We talk about and explain what we do

  • We are well rested

  • We exercise regularly

  • We are encouraged and praised

Please see the communication flowchart below if you have a query and are unsure who you should talk to.

1.2.3 Magic

1.2.3 Magic -Effective Discipline for 2-12 years course that Mrs Booth will be running on a Monday evening: 25th June 2nd July 9th July 16th 7.00pm to 8.30pm. If you are able to attend and would like to come along for the 4 sessions, then please complete the attached proforma and return it to school fAO Mrs Cheryl Booth (Spare forms are also in the office) What is 1-2-3 Magic? 1-2-3 Magic is a behavioural management programme for parents and other carers of young children (2-12yrs). 1-2-3 Magic is easy to learn and it works. The basic logic and simplicity of the method means that it is easy to remember for both parents and children-especially under conditions of emotional stress. 1-2-3 Magic is a parent-in-charge programme that eliminates arguing, yelling and stressful situations. Emotional reactions and excessive talking do not make for effective discipline/behaviour management.


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