Internet Safety

Internet Safety / E-Safety

The internet is an amazing tool and resource. We all recognise, however, that there are risks to children when using the internet and we all strive to keep our children safe online.

Use the useful links below to find information and tips on how to keep safe online.

3 minute briefing - Momo concerns

Are your children using any of these social media apps?


Do you know who they're linked to? 

Have you helped them set their privacy levels?

Click the Parentzone logo to understand more about how to do this and for lots more useful parent guides to apps and games.

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NSPCC guide to apps

Protecting devices in your home

Parents' guide on talking to your children about Internet Safety

CEOP - working with the police 

Child-friendly resources for KS2

Child-friendly resources for KS1

Grand-theft auto parent guide


             YouTube parent guide

YouTube is a modern day phenomenon – a video sharing service owned by Google and enjoyed by millions throughout the world every day.

Children and young people love YouTube – so much so that last year, Google launched a special child-friendly version, YouTube Kids, aimed at children under 13.

In a recent survey by Parent Zone, 52% of young people questioned said they would recommend a friend watch YouTube to cheer themselves up if they were feeling down.

Yet among all those cute cat videos, there is challenging and sometimes disturbing content that may be unsuitable for children and young people.