Week Ending 3/12/21

Date: 1st Dec 2021 @ 9:25pm

Happy Friday! We hope you enjoy our Winter Festival this evening. The children have worked incredibly hard making their Christmas crafts so please make sure you check out the children’s crafts stall. If you cannot attend this evening then you will be able to buy the crafts from the school office next week. As the weather gets colder, please send in coats, hats and gloves in with your child. Please make sure these are labelled as unfortunately things get lost easily! We recommend you don’t send anything expensive or precious into school (this goes for toys as well).

This week we have finished reading the book ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children have loved learning through this story and we finished by planning and making traps for the wolf! We focussed on the children’s imagination and vocabulary as well as their drawing and labelling skills.


The EYFS Nativity will be on Thursday 9th December at 2pm at St Helens church. School provide the costumes and a note was sent home with your child’s role and the base layers we need in school by Friday 3rd December. Some things to note:

  • Please can everyone wear a mask during the performance and take a lateral flow on the morning to keep others safe. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Please remember to social distance as best as possible when sitting in the church;
  • There will be pews reserved for the children and staff so please look out for these when you enter church;
  • Please let us know if advance if someone in your party requires wheelchair access;
  • Shepherds, sheep, camels and kings will be starting their journey to Bethlehem in the centre of the church (cross section in the middle) so we recommend you sit in the pews towards the back (ask staff if you are unsure);
  • During the dress rehearsal on the Wednesday, we will be taking individual photos, group photos and filming the performance so you can sit back and enjoy the real thing. As we are recording the dress rehearsal, you can look forward to some bloopers! Photos and videos can be taken for personal use during the real performance but you must stay seated and they must not be shared on social media;
  • At the end of the performance, we ask that you make your way safely out of the church and meet us back at school at 3:20pm to pick your child up. We understand that you will want to see your child however we cannot have crowding by the stage for everyone’s safety. School staff will walk the children back to school once all the parents have left the church and we will change them for home time. Thank you for your support in keeping everyone safe.

This half term in phonics we are focusing on letter formation. At Tarporley, we use Kinetic Letters as our handwriting scheme. This week we have learnt the ‘window cleaner family’ which contains the letters l, t, I and u. To support your child at home, please encourage them to start their letters from the right place, hold their pencil correctly and provide lines for them to write on.

In Maths we have been exploring how to split numbers to 5 into smaller amounts using a part whole model. The Numberblocks episode ‘The Whole of Me’ explains this brilliantly and is extremely catchy! A part whole model allows children to demonstrate their understanding but also solve simple problems. For example, the simple question is, if 5 is the ‘whole’ and we split it into two parts, what could those parts be? However, a problem to solve would be “five is the whole, and 3 is one of the parts, what is the other part and why?” On Friday, we used these concepts to solve even more complex real-life problems by holding a little Children in Need cake sale in class. The cakes were 5p each (5p is the whole) but the children only had 1p and 2p coins (parts) so we asked them to make the whole using these parts. We were extremely proud of their problem solving, team work and cake selling skills! If you see your child making 5 in different ways at home then upload your observation to Tapestry. We love showing you what your child can do at school but we also like to see your child using their learning at home. Think about moments that make you say ‘WOW!’

On Monday, we had a Nativity practice on the stage in the school hall. The children are working so hard and can’t wait to show you soon!

On Tuesday, we found out that the three little pigs were missing! We helped to find them by matching the clues and pictures of pigs around our classroom. The children added sound buttons to the sentences and read them out loud. 

On Wednesday, we continued to read the story of the Three Pigs. We designed and made wolf traps to try and stop that pesky wolf once and for all!

On Thursday, we swapped over so everyone had a chance to make build their wolf traps. We also wrote letters to Father Christmas and some children walked to the post offcie to send them. 

On Friday, we had visited the school library where we picked a special picture book each to take home. Please ensure your child’s ‘reading for pleasure’ book is in their school bag on a Friday for us to change. In the afternoon, we made Christingles ready for Sunday. We hope you enjoy lighting them at home. 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week, Frank and Lousia. 

Our mystery reader this week was Jonah's mummy. Thank you for coming to share a story with us! Please speak to your child’s class teacher to put a date in the diary if you would like to be mystery reader. We are fully booked for the next few weeks but after Christmas will be splitting into two classes as there has been so much demand! 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Miss Nicholas and Miss Selwyn

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