Week Ending 18/02/22

Date: 12th Feb 2022 @ 1:45pm

Happy Friday! We made it. We’re halfway through the year already and just look at how far our Dormice and Hedgehogs have come. Thank you for attending Parents Evening this week. It was lovely to speak to many of you and discuss your child's progress and next steps. 

This week we finished our traditional tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and met a real-life troll who came to visit us. This was a fantastic opportunity to light the fire of imagination inside of us. We asked him lots of questions and found out that he didn't know much as he had only ever known living under a bridge. We taught him lots of things and we sad when he left so made Wanted posters to find him again. 

This week in phonics we have been revising the sounds and harder to read and spell words we have learnt this half term. These will be in your online reading books for this week as we focus on the application of the new learning. Unfortunately for the time being we will not be setting any new online books as we have completed them all on Oxford Owl. However, we have reset all the Phase 3 books containing the sounds we have learnt so far for consolidation purposes. If your child is struggling with recognising a particular sound, do read over books containing that specific sound. Keep practising! We have also changed the physical book containing sounds your child is less confident on and placed in their book bag. Please keep re-reading as much as possible, it is so important that the children can spot these digraphs in whole words as next half term we will be continuing with lots of new digraphs and more trigraphs. As comprehension is now an aspect of the Early Years Framework, please continue to ask your child lots of questions to check their understanding of what they've read. Also, ask them to retell the story in their own words (traditional tales are fantastic for this!). These are such important skills!

In Maths, we have been learning all about patterns and revising what we already know about them. Patterns can appear everywhere whether this be the tiles in your hallway or the stripes on our clothes. We have been using the resources to create ABAB and ABC patterns but going one step further and asking them to 'prove it'. How do you know? By saying the pattern out loud this helps us to continue the pattern. Can you thread beads on a string to make a pattern? Can you build a tower using three different colours to make a repeated pattern? We have also been making wrapping paper using the paint. We used different shapes to reinforce our understanding of common 2D shapes and colours to make intricate patterns with an ABB and ABBC structure. Using the outdoors is a great resource for pattern making and easy to create patterns using leaves, sticks, pebbles - you name it! I wonder if you can make your own pattern following either the structure ABAB, ABC, ABB or even ABBC on your next Winter walk. If you do please upload it to Tapestry for us to see. We love sharing in your 'WOW' moments. 

Here is the link to the Numberblocks episode 'Pattern Palace' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bp2t8d/numberblocks-series-3-pattern-palace?seriesId=b0bls7vy 

Here is a good ICT game which reinforces 2D shape recognition and pattern too! This is a firm favourite in class where you determine the difficulty of the pattern. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/shape-patterns 


First Week Back Information

  • Monday 28th February – School Opens. This is also the deadline for the chance to win a copy of ‘The Pescatarian Bear’. Please hand these to your child’s class teacher ready to be judged on the Thursday. A copy of the template can be found below.
  • Thursday 3rd March – World Book Day! We encourage the children to come in dressed as your favourite book character and if you have the book that’s an added bonus too. We will also be having the opportunity to speak with an author. How exciting!
  • Friday 4th March - Please ensure you use the online payment system for next half term's school trip to Xplore! Science Discovery Centre and return the slip at the bottom of the letter if you require a packed lunch provided by school. This is so we can let the kitchen know as soon as possible. If you have any problems please contact the office and a member of the EYFS will get back to you as soon as possible. 

On Monday, it was Valentine’s Day! We discussed the history of St Valentine and the traditional ways we celebrate it and show people we love them. We read the story of Guess How Much I Love You and made posters about the things we love.

On Tuesday, we had a visitor in the form of the troll who came to see us (the teachers loved playing the part!). The children got to ask questions to find out more information from the troll and made up their minds about whether he was nice or mean.

On Wednesday, after meeting the troll we came up with a list of adjectives to describe what they looked like and what he was like (both good and bad!). We focused on the perspective of the troll and discussed whether or not he was sorry. We then wrote a character description using the vocabulary we had learnt.

On Thursday, we completed the daily mile using the outdoor track. We loved getting some fresh air and completing the five laps of the school grounds.

On Friday, we came into the classroom and found a broken bridge had been left. With no way of crossing the river, the children became engineers and rebuilt the bridge for the goats to cross safely and made it troll proof. We had some fantastic planning, building and reviewing from our children. We then retold the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff using key vocabulary from the story. We also had our class treat.

Congratulations to our Stars of the Half Term, Marnie and Rafferty!

Mystery Reader is unfortunately postponed until the COVID cases in school subside. We will reschedule any missed dates for after half term and get in touch soon. Fingers crossed!

Have a fantastic half term! We look forward to seeing you again in the lead up to Easter.  

Miss Selwyn and Miss Nicholas

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