Week Ending 06/05/22

Date: 4th May 2022 @ 4:16pm

Happy Friday! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing bank holiday weekend. Though the weather hasn’t been quite on our side this week, we have made the most of our learning with all things dinosaurs and linked it to our work on habitats on our school trip. 

This week we have continued to read our story of 'Gigantosaurus' by Jonny Duddle. We told the children about a fun game we used to play when we were little and this was the card game, Top Trumps. Some children had played this game before and so we all set out to create dinosaur ones. We worked as a team to write our own versions and enjoyed exploring the dinosaurs we met in our story.

Tarporley Big Camp Out Weekend

If you are staying in Tarporley for the Jubilee weekend, you’ll be pleased to hear that plans for village celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee are in hand. As you are aware we are fundraising each week to raise money for our outdoor area and many of you have offered you time, supplies and support to create lasting memories here in Tarporley CE. During this weekend there will be two stalls held by Hattie’s Mum (Dormice class) who will be on the tombola stand and Alfie’s Mum (in Hedgehogs) who will be running the teddy stall. We kindly ask that if you have any old teddies that you no longer use/play with or anything you can donate to the tombola stand, we’d greatly appreciate it. Please see either Hattie’s mum or Alfie’s mum or give them to us so we may pass these on. The money raised from the stalls will go towards our goal of reaching £5000. We thank you so much for your support and generosity.

In Phonics, we have been reviewing the sounds we have learnt in Phase 3 and applying these to new words and sentences each lesson. We have learnt three Harder to Read and Spell words; these are words that you can’t sound out. The new HRS words are LIKE, SOME and COME. I have attached some Phase 3 and Phase 4 HRS word spotters for practice. There will also be a blending book and decodable online book using the Oxford Owl online website. Although we haven’t learnt the HRS word ‘THERE’ this is the closest matching decodable book that your child can access with the words we have learnt so far. You may need to support them for this word only. Thank you for understanding.

Reminder: Please can you continue to record each time you read with your child so we can see when their physical book needs changing. Thank you.

In Maths, we have been learning all about subtraction and the different terminology that we can sometimes use such as ‘take away’, ‘minus’, ‘subtract’ and even ‘find the difference’. We explored subtraction stories to help us using the language ‘First, Then, Now’. For example, first there were 5 people on the bus, then 2 people got off, now there are 3 people left on the bus. This is a great way of showing children that when we subtract the number is less than the number we had at the beginning. When the children come to reading number sentences such as 5 – 2, they will already know that the number cannot be anything above 5. The children have had great fun making up their own subtraction stories and getting their friends to work out the answer using their fingers. This might be a fun game to play at home where you tell a story using the ‘first, then, now’ method and get your child to show you each stage with their fingers. I have attached a series of subtraction stories and also a blank template if you wish to create your own. This is optional.

On Tuesday, we continued to read and meet new dinosaurs in our book. In groups we each made a Top Trump Card and today we learnt all about the Triceratops and found out lots of interesting facts.

On Wednesday, it was the turn of our next group who had fun exploring the Brachiosaurus. Did you know they were estimated to have a life span of up to 100 years?

On Thursday, we had our class photos and the children looked very smart! Our last group used videos, non-fiction books to make their card all about the Stegosaurus. Our collection is growing and the cards look absolutely amazing. The children can’t wait to play with them!

On Friday, we went on our class trip to the Crown Bank Farm and Quarry where we learnt about habitats through lots of different activities including pond dipping, a scavenger hunt and so much more. 

Next week

Please remember that next Friday afternoon as part of our Eid celebrations we will be going to the Rasoi restaurant in Tarporley. We will be transported in the minibus for an afternoon of fun. As the PTA have organised a football day your child may come to school either in a football kit or party clothes for later in the day.

Our mystery readers this week were Harry’s Mum and Romilly’s Mum. Thank you for coming to share a story with us! Please speak to your child’s class teacher to put a date in the diary as the next few weeks are available for both classes.

Unfortunately, there is no star of the week but this will resume next week with a double star for both classes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Selwyn and Miss Nicholas

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