At Tarporley, our hope is that all our children flourish so they can live life in all its fullness. John 10:10

In order that all learners grow and reach their full potential, we want our curriculum to:

Demonstrate BRAVERY


Create memorable OPPORTUNITIES



…while always having high-quality BOOKS and reading at the heart of our teaching and learning!


This term, we will focus on...



Using a range of punctuation: commas for subordination, apostrophes for contraction and possession, ! ? and “ “

Conjunctions to subordinate (when, if, because etc.)

Expanded noun phrases

Present and past tense, including past progressive

Using prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs for time, cause and place

Statutory Year 3/4 spelling list, spelling patterns and exception words



Place value: multiples, recognising, ordering and comparing, estimating and rounding

Addition and subtraction: formal written methods, inverse operations and reasoning problems

Multiplication and division: times tables, factors, mental and written methods

Problem solving with +, -, x, ÷


Science Living things and habitats

Ways to group living things

Understanding habitats and how environments can change and the impact this can have


History Ancient Greeks

Who were the Ancient Greeks?

How did the Olympic Games begin?

What was Ancient Greek democracy?

What was it like to live in Ancient Greece?

Who were the Ancient Greek gods and heroes?

How did the Ancient Greeks change the world?

Geographical features of Greece


Science Electricity 

Uses of electricity

Circuits, switches and cells

Conductors and insulators


R.E. Christianity

What do I think about Jesus and how is he portrayed in art from around the world?

R.E. Christianity

Why do Christians think about Incarnation at Christmas?


Art & Design and Design & Technology

How is Jesus portrayed in art? We’ll explore this and create our own pieces.

Study of Greek vases and creating our own designs with symbols and repeating patterns.

Design and make a light-up sign for a circus.


Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour. Psalm 25:5

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