Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium

In the academic year 2020-21 Tarporley CE received a 'Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-up Premium Grant' of £80 per pupil.

The pupil numbers were based on our October 20 PLASC data of 262 providing a total of £20,960

At Tarporley CE Primary the main focus of the grant is:

  • To raise the attainment of all pupils to close the gap created by COVID-19 school closure
  • To reduce the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

The catch-up premium strategy here at Tarporley CE Primary is as follows:

  • To prioritise the mental health and well-being of our children
  • To identify and plug gaps as appropriate. 
  • To increase stamina and periods of concentration over time
  • To raise attainment of all pupils
  • To ensure a broad and balanced curriculum

The core approaches we are implementing to helping pupils catch up missed learning are:

  • Quality first teaching 
  • Small group work
  • Prioritising areas of the curriculum that may have been missed through both lockdowns
  • Working with parents 

The grant has so far been spent as follows:

Catch up funding





Total Grant






GL Assessments

Standardised spelling assessment evaluation packs for KS2


Madeline Lindley

Pathways to Write catch up books


Literacy Company

Pathways to Write catch up units



KS1 resource for English & Maths Q's


Harper Collins Publishers

Reading books


Bug Club

Online reading books


Literacy Company

Pathways to progress & home packs - Quality First Teaching for all


Literacy Company

Pathways to progress & home packs - Quality First Teaching for all


Y1 TA costs to (Sep - Mar)

KS1 phonics interventions


LKS2 costs to 31st March (Jan - Mar)

KS2 interventions


UKS2 TA costs to 31st March (Jan - Mar)

KS2 interventions





Total expenditure




We are measuring the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of the children here at Tarporley CE through regular pupil assessments and speaking to our children. This allows us to plug gaps as they become evident and move learning forward.


Impact - May 21

  • To date the most impact we have seen is through the small group phonics interventions being carried out by our KS1 catch up TA
  • Pathways catch up units were a great support for all of the children returning to school in March and have allowed some literacy gaps to be quickly addressed and closed. Concepts are being revisited or ‘pre-taught’ to ensure accelerated progress in the classroom.
  • Unfortunately, the impact of the KS2 catch up TAs was minimal due to the Spring term lock down which only saw them working with the catch-up groups for a three-week period. The initial signs were extremely positive and the children flourished in the small group sessions. The KS2 catch up TA is now in place for the rest of the academic year.
  • Assessment material and reading materials have been valuable tools in supporting quality first teaching

Future Catch Up spending

  • Continuation of KS1 phonics catch up TA until the end of the school year, at an approximate cost of £1500
  • Replacement of KS2 catch up TA for the rest of the school year, at an approximate cost of £3000. If this support is successful we would look at using any of the remaining money, or additional money, to extend this role into the autumn term.
  • Our Phonics lead is researching a range of phonics schemes to invest in to replace the letters and sounds approach we use and further embed consistency across KS1 and into KS2.
  • Deep dives are being carried out in English, Maths, SEND and the curriculum and will help direct the focus of any additional catch up funding we receive for the next academic year

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