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Miss Neill

Miss Neill

Year 6

Miss Sims

Year 6 TA

Welcome to Osprey Class

Our class teachers is Miss Neill  and  our teaching assistants are Miss Sims and Mrs Casson.


Welcome back everyone!

Monday and Tuesday are our PE days- please come in your PE kit on these days.



Class Talks- Please come and join us for our class talk on Tuesday 20th September at 4:30pm.

The Class Information powerpoint, Class Charter and Homework Menu will be available to download after this session.



Please find information regarding work you can complete at home on the 'Home Learning' page found above.



UKS2 Information

Curriculum Information for UKS2

Curriculum Information - 

The information below outlines the topics that are covered in UKS2 during the Autumn term. If you wish to support your child explore some of these topics then please encourage them to borrow books from the library, find and read articles relating to the topics or visit local museums and places of interest. The children will hopefully enjoy these topics and will return home to share the information they have learnt with their parents. 



The key skill of communication includes skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Skills in speaking and listening include the ability to speak effectively for different audiences; to listen, understand and respond appropriately to others; and to participate effectively in group discussion. Skills in reading include the ability to read fluently and analyse a range of literary and non-fiction texts and to reflect critically on what is read. When writing, children should write fluently for a range of purposes and audiences and be able to edit and improve their own and others' writing. Opportunities for developing this key skill are provided through focused English lessons but also constantly through pupils' use of language across all areas of the curriculum.  Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, often referred to as SPAG, is taught explicitly as well as being embedded into lessons.

We will be following the Pahways to Read and Pathways to Write planning units.



Maths skills include developing a range of mental and written calculation methods and the ability to apply these to problem solving activities. Children should understand and use mathematical language related to numbers and calculations. They will learn to solve increasingly complex problems and clearly explain the reasoning used. Pupils need to be able to apply calculation skills and the understanding of number to problems in other subjects and to real-life situations. Opportunities for developing this key skill are constantly provided in focused maths lessons and where possible, are linked to topic work.


Curriculum Information

The information below outlines the topics that are covered in UKS2 during the Autumn, Spring and Summer term. This provides you with some guidance on how you could help your child. For example you might choose books from the library about current topics or wish to visit local museums and places of interest to collect information. Some parents may simply, but vitally, wish to chat to their child about what they have been doing in school.


Autumn- WWII

  • English: Star of Fear, Star of Hope. Poems from the Second World War.
  • Maths: Number, Place value
  • Religious Education: Christianity
  • History- WWII- a significant turning point in British history. 
  • Science: Light
  • Art and Design: John Piper
  • PE: Invasion games, OAA
  • Computing: Internet Safety


Physical Education

There are 2 PE lessons each week when in school. Please come to school in your PE kit on Monday and Tuesday. Could children please make sure that they are not wearing earrings/can take them out on P.E. days and that hair is tied back.


UKS2 will be given homework every week.  Homework is given out on a Friday and collected the following Wednesday.  It will consist of reading, writing and maths. Practising reading remains very important whether it is with an adult or independently. Children should aim to read daily/as often as possible and it is valuable to ask them questions – particularly inferential - about what they have read. All reading should be recorded in their homework diary. Homework diaries will be checked and house points awarded for home reading.


During the Autumn term our PE days will be Monday and Friday.

Please come to school in your school PE kit.


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