Sports Zone

Throughout the year Tarporley CE Primary School will be taking part in many competitive sports tournaments. This is possible due to the commitment of staff and parents and a desire by the children to participate.

These competitions are for students and run by students. The primary school pupils gain experience of playing in a team, and the secondary school pupils (who help to run many of these events) gain experience of leadership and responsibility through leading and officiating.

These competitions are a partnership between all the local schools and there will be 30 competitions taking place across the academic year. We would ask that parents concentrate their efforts on encouraging their child and team. Please could all parents read and adhere to the code of conduct which is has been sent home to all pupils and is at the bottom of this web page. The main points are:

  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and participate within them
  • Discourage challenging or arguing with officials.
  • Publicly accept officials' judgments.
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  • Set a good example by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding the good performances of all.
  • Never force a child to take part in sport.
  • Try to ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity and has plenty to drink.
  • Use correct and proper language at all times.
  • Never punish or belittle a child for poor performance or making mistakes.
  • Support your child's involvement and help them to enjoy their sport.


 Sandstone Sports Association Calendar 2018-19
Date Sport/Year Venue/Time
Thurs 13th Sept y5/6 tag rugby 4-5.30pm field
Thurs 20th Sept y3/4 tag rugby 4-5.30pm field (cancelled due to weather)
Thurs 4th Oct y1/2 cross country 4-5pm field
Thurs 11th Oct y3/4 cross country 4-5pm field
Thurs 18th Oct y5/6 hockey Deeside Ramblers smaller am/larger pm
Thurs 25th Oct y5/6 cross country 4-5pm field
HALF TERM 29/10 - 2/11
Thurs 8th Nov y5/6 basketball 4-5.30pm sportshall (Postponed)
Fri 16th Nov y1/2 indoor athletics 1.30-3.30pm sportshall (Postponed)
Thurs 22nd Nov y3/4 handball 4-5.30pm sportshall
Fri 30th Nov y3/4 indoor athletics 1.30-3.30pm sportshall
Fri 14th Dec y5/6 indoor athletics 1.30-3.30pm sportshall
CHRISTMAS 24/12 - 6/1
Thurs 10th Jan y5/6 netball 4-5.30pm sportshall
Thurs 17th Jan y3/4 netball 4-5.30pm sportshall
Thurs 24th Jan y1/2 handball 4-5.30pm sportshall
Thurs 7th Feb y5/6 handball 4-5.30pm sportshall
Thurs 14th Feb y4/5/6 Creative Festival 4-5.30pm sportshall   Cancelled
HALF TERM 18/2 - 22/2
Thurs 7th Mar y5/6 cross country 4-5pm field (Postponed)
Thurs 28th Mar y1/2 football  4-5.30pm field/astro
EASTER 30/3 - 14/4
Thurs 18th Apr y3/4 cross country 4-5pm field
Thurs 25th Apr y5/6 girls soccer 4-5.30pm field
Thurs 2nd May y1/2 cross country 4-5pm field
Thurs 9th May y3/4 hockey Deeside Ramblers am smaller/pm larger
Thurs 16th May reception football 4-5.30pm field
Thurs 23th May y5/6 athletics 4-5.30pm field
HALFTERM 27/5 - 31/5
Thurs 6th June y3/4 athletics 4-5.30pm field
Thurs 13th June y1/2 athletics 4-5.30pm field
Thurs 20st June y3/4 tennis 4-5.30pm astro
Thurs 27th June y5/6 tennis 4-5.30pm astro
Thurs 4th July y5/6 rounders 4-5.30pm field
Thurs 11th July y4/5/6 Kwik Cricket 2-4.30pm field


Monday 18th March – Year 5/6 football match (boys)

Today the team came up against Cherry Grove at home in the league. As the first half progressed, we became better and better and after lots of hard work we scored a smashing goal. Then our first half ended and we prepared ourselves for the second half. Sadly, after just a few minutes, and the muddy pitch playing its part too, Cherry Grove equalised. After a hard battle, the game ended in a draw, 1-1. Thank you to Mr Bonner for his coaching and refereeing the match. Well done to everyone who took part. (Report by Matt, Y6) 

Thursday 14th March – Year 3/4 football match (boys)

Today saw the Year 3/4 play the same opponents as the Year 5/6 team had faced earlier in the week. Once again St Werburghs came to Tarporley CE Primary to face our team. The game started well but after a strong performance by the opposition, they managed to end the game as victors, winning 3-1. Well done to the boys for their effort and determination and thank you to Mr Lawrence for his guidance and support.  

Monday 11th March – Year 5/6 football match (boys)

Today saw us play only our second league game, at home against St Werburghs. The pitch was set and the team were ready. The team were reminded to start with a high tempo as we have been known to start slow and get stronger as the game goes on. Unfortunately, the team were not quick enough and within the first 2 minutes we were one goal down. This sparked the team into action and the rest of the match was a tight affair with both teams having a number of chances. By the end, the scoreline had not changed and we succumbed to a 1-0 defeat. The effort once again was undeniable from the team and we will ensure we are ready from the off in our next match Thanks to Mr Bonner for his support and refereeing the match. 

Thursday 7th February – Year 5/6 handball

Tonight saw the Year 5/6 handball team play at the High School in the Sandstone Competition. Our first game was against Bunbury, and we won 5-3 after a tight match. Our second game saw us come up against Kelsall and we won 4-2. Our final game was against Tarvin, and as we were now in the groove we managed to win the game 8-1. Having won all 3 matches, it meant we were outright winners for 2018/19. Thank you to Mr Bonner and Miss Neill for their support.

Thursday 24th January – Year 1/2 handball

Tonight saw the Year 1/2 handball team play at the High School in the Sandstone Competition.

Our first game was against Bunbury and we lost the game by one goal. The second game saw us play Tarvin and we drew the match. Then we played Utkinton and we won by 3 goals. Now in winning ways, we played Eaton and won by 4 goals. Our final match was against Delamere, which was a tough game, and we unfortunately lost this game.

Overall, we came in 4th place. Thank you very much to Mrs Coote for taking us and supporting us throughout, as well as Gary Kelsall for providing us with valuable coaching. (Report written by Year 2).

Monday 21st January – Year 5/6 boy’s football

Today saw us play our first game in the league, facing Upton Westlea at home. The first half started of slowly and we were a little bit quite with one another. Soon enough our confidence grew and we started to communicate and play some good football. This led us to scoring 2 goals before half time. The second half saw the team come under a period of pressure and a goal was conceded early on. The team remained strong and soon got back into their rhythm, leading to another 3 goals in the second half. The final score was a 5-1 victory with great performances by all.

Thursday 17th January – Year 3/4 netball

Today saw Year 3 and 4 head to the High School to play a netball tournament against Bunbury, Tarvin and Delamere.

In our first game, Bunbury won 4-0. Our second match was against Tarvin, who won the game 5-0. Our final game was against Delamere and they were successful winners, 4-0. Overall, we came in 4th place and everyone enjoyed it and did their best.

Thank you to Mrs Taylor and Mrs Line for taking us and giving us such great coaching on a weekly basis. (Report written by Maisie and Natalie)

Thursday 10th January - Year 5/6 netball

Yesterday afternoon 8 of our year 5 & 6 girls played a netball tournament at the high school. The games were fast, fierce and sometimes frenzied. The opposition were brilliant, brave and sometimes very bold. We had a good start beating Kelsall which gave us confidence. We then had a couple of challenging matches - we worked hard and played hard and we never gave up. We finished the competition in the bronze position, a great result. Although many of us ended up the same colour as our skirts, we learnt a lot about the experience, how to play as a team, what we are good at, and how we can improve. We are also looking forward to hosting some matches in the Summer term. We would like to thank Mrs Taylor and Mrs Line for taking us and wish year 3 & 4 good luck for next week. (Report written By Bea, Y6.)

Thursday 29th November – Year 5/6 boy’s football team

Today saw the Year 5/6 team play their first game of the season, a cup game away at Saughall.

The team started well and they created a number of chances in the first half. However, we faced a strong team and despite their efforts, we conceded a goal before half time. The second half saw more opportunities at both ends and as we chased the equalizer we were left exposed on the counter. The effort from the team was exceptional and they didn’t stop running till the final whistle. The final score saw us lose 3-0 but the boys should be proud of their efforts.


Thursday 22nd November – Year 3/4 Handball

Today, a team of Year 4 children competed in a handball tournament at the High School. The first game we played against Tarvin and we won 4-1. Our next game was against Delamere and we won 6-2. Our final game was against Bunbury and it finished 3-2 before a goal was disputed and the final result was given as 3-3. Overall, we can 2nd – a fantastic result. We all really enjoyed ourselves and played well as a team.

Thank you to Mrs Blunt and Mrs Smith for taking us. We also want to give a special thank you to Gary Kelsall for being a brilliant teacher of handball.

(Report composed by Martha, Yr 4)


Thursday 18th October - Year 5/6 Hockey Tournament 

Today saw Year 5 & 6 children attend a hockey tournament at Deeside Ramblers.

The first game was against Mickle Trafford and we won 1-0. Our second game was against Kelsall and we lost 1-0 in a very close game. Our next game saw us play against Tarvin and we drew that game 0-0. In our penultimate game we faced Bunbury and it resulted in another draw, 0-0. Finally, our last match was against Waverton and we won it 1-0. 

Thank you to Mrs Brighton for taking us and supporting us so well in the tournament and during our weekly training sessions. 


Thursday 11th October - Year 3/4 cross country

Today saw Year 3 and 4 take part in a cross country tournament at the High School. Everyone ran really well and showed great effort and determination. In the Year 3 Boys race, Harvey came 3rd and Lowri came 7th in the Year 3 Girls race.

In Year 4, Henry came 1st with a fantastic run, Sam came 3rd and Johnny came 6th in the Boys race. In the Girls race, Amelie came 5th and Lauren achieved 10th place. Well done to all who participated and some amazing results there.

Thanks to Mr Lawrence and Mrs Blunt for taking us.


Thursday 13th September - Year 5/6 tag rugby

Today saw the Year 5/6 tag rugby team head to the High School to compete in the first event on the Sports Calendar for 2018-19. 

Our first match was against Tarvin and fortunately we won 5-0 with a strong team performance and some epic tries scored. Our next match was against Kelsall, which proved to be a tougher game. At halftime we were losing 3-2 but then in the second half we improved our performance levels and came out eventual winners, 4-3. Our last match was against a strong team from Bunbury and unfortunately we lost the game 4-2. 

With amazing performances and team effort displayed in all 3 of our games, we managed to win the competition and bring back our first trophy of the year. 

Thank you to Mr Bonner & Miss Neill for taking us and coaching us to victory. Thank you also to our parents who came out in full force to support us. (Report compiled by the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby team.)

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