Policies and Procedures Committee

The key responsibilities include:

  • Meet every half term to discuss and review all the school’s procedures and amend and update any policies that appear on our policy review cycle. We then make sure that all staff and governors are aware of all the changes that are made.
  • Keep up-to-date with current Government and DofE guidelines and amend our policies accordingly. Some policies such as our Health and Safety policy are reviewed annually, whilst others are on a 3 yearly cycle.
  • Ensure everyone who works on our school site has all the relevant and required paperwork and that any Health & Safety reviews are carried out when required.
  • Review any risk assessments for trips and residential visits, making sure our pupils stay safe whilst learning and having fun.

Recently we have reviewed all our First Aid and Administration of Medicines policies to update them to include our new onsite defibrillator. We have also updated our Site Security policy. We are currently reviewing our Data Protection and Financial policies.

All of our statutory policies that are required are on our website for everyone to access. There are also many policies that you may find helpful in understanding how our school runs.


Membership of the committee:

Ms Rachel Sims (Chair) Mrs Kerry Forrester (Headteacher)
Ms Victoria Adshead Mrs Jane Taylor (Bursar)


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