Open House Events

Our most recent parent event was on Wednesday 6th December at 7pm

Throughout the consultation process, we will be holding Open House Events at school. Some of them are required as part of the statutory consultation, others will be held because it is best practice and because we would like to! We might have something we would like to share or obtain feedback from parents, neighbours and other stakeholders in our community.

If you would like to be kept informed about future events, please email: Expansion and we can include you in our communication throughout the consultation process.

We have had two open house events so far. The first was in October and was a requirement of the consultation process. The second was an informal session for neighbours, parents and key stakeholders.

October 2016: A public meeting was held on 3 October 2016 3-6pm at Tarporley Church of England Primary School. The meeting was a drop in event and gave the whole school community of parents, children, staff and governors as well as members of the local community the opportunity to discuss the proposal with representatives from the Council.

February 2017: We held an open house event on 13th February. In the morning we invited our neighbours on Park Road, Birds Lane and key people from around the village such as the PCSOs, estate agents, practice managers at the doctors, bowling green and allotment representatives and diocese colleagues. This was an informal part of the process. We wanted to share with the wider school community, what has happened to date, our thoughts and ideas and the possible timeline for the next 18 months.

Surveyors and architects have been onsite and a feasibility study has been completed which shows that we can 'feasibly' expand the school within our current site. Our Chair of Governors shared with neighbours the very early ideas from an architect as to how the school expansion could look. These are very much a work in progress and are just to give an idea of positioning, height etc.

In the afternoon, parents and carers were invited in and the same information was shared with them. The invitation letter and presentation can be found at the bottom of this page.

Feedback was welcomed from people who attended these sessions. The form is below for those that wish to complete this and email back to: Expansion.

May 2017: Our next open event was on Friday 12th May 2-4pm in the school hall. Everyone was invited to attend to view the submited plans. Please see letter below.

October 2017: Our most recent open event for parents was on Wednesday 4th October at 7pm in the school hall. Our Chair of Governors shared the most up-to-date information we have about the expansion programme. A presentation from the evening is attached below.

December 2017: Parents who were able to make the meeting this evening had the opportunity to meet representatives from our builders, Pave Aways Ltd, our architects, EWA, our contract administrator, Mr Bill Briggs, and the Governing Body for a short presentation followed by a Q&A session. The presentation can be found below.


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