Frequently Asked Questions

As we progress through the consultation process we are collecting some frequently asked questions and doing our best, as a team, to answer them. If you have a question we may have an answer for it below. If it doesn't appear here, why not email us to ask? Click here to email your question.

Access, Parking and Site Logistics During and Post-construction

Q. Will there be restrictions on delivery times?

A. Should the proposals proceed there would be a comprehensive Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan which would detail specific times, routes and parking rules taking account of the existing School Travel Plan and any restrictions required as conditions within the Planning Consent.

Q. Where will the contractor vehicles access the site, will it be along Park Road?

A. Times and access points would be predetermined to minimise disruption to neighbours whilst maintaining the maximum available level of safety for children, parents, carers and residents.

Q. Will I have vehicles parked outside my house for months on end?

A. A comprehensive transport assessment would be required as a Planning Condition and this would need to address areas of courtesy and safety for local residents.

Q. How much extra traffic do you expect on Park Road during the build and then after with the increased number of children and staff?

A. Large delivery vehicles would be minimised and scheduled to avoid peak traffic times. Other contractor’s vans etc. would be subject to the restrictions and rules contained within the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan.

Q. What will the days/hours of construction be?

A. This would be included as a condition of the Planning Consent but could be likely to be 8.00 to 5.30 p.m. Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Saturday and no working at other
times including Bank Holidays.

Q. How do I access school during the build, will morning drop off/afternoon pickup be the same?

A. Specific plans and details would be drawn up to ensure that the safety of children, parents and carers could be maintained throughout the construction phase.

Q.Will you be accessing the site through Birds Lane?

A. It is not envisaged that there would be a requirement for access to the site via Birds Lane.

Q. Are there any plans to increase staff parking as you will be increasing staff numbers?

A. Due to the restricted area of the site it seems unlikely that there will be an opportunity to increase staff parking on the site. All options would however be considered to avoid additional congestion.