Helping you stay safe online!              


So, we all luuurve the internet, right?  It helps us keep in touch with family who live far away, watch catch up TV, find information and play games with our friends.

That's true but we need to make sure we're safe and keep our personal information private when we go into the virtual world - just like we need to stay safe in the real one!

Later this term we'll be launching another Internet Safety competition where you have the chance to win a super Smiggle prize.

More details coming soon!   


The E-Cadets are here to help with:

- top tips

- quizzes and games to learn about staying safe

- competitions

If you're in Key Stage 1, we know you're learning how to stay safe too!

Click on the picture to hear to find out what Hector and his crew say.

If you're in Key Stage 2 click on this link to cartoons from Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew.  They'll help you make good choices when you're online.