Mixed Class Structure

From September 2018, our school expansion project will be complete, enabling us to provide school places to the growing number of primary aged children in our village. With four additional classrooms, our PAN (Pupil Admission Number) set by Cheshire West and Chester, will allow us to take up to 45 children per year group. With the ultimate goal of no more than 30 children in a classroom, this will mean the introduction of some mixed teaching groups.
Once we have opened all 4 additional classes our final class structure will be as follows:

 Reception 1

Reception 2

 Year 1

Year 1 / Year 2

Year 2 

 Year 3

Year 3 / Year 4 

 Year 4

 Year 5

Year 5 / Year 6 

Year 6 

We may see some variation to this structure as our school grows to accomodate the demand for places.
Our first additional class will be open from September 2018, other classes will then be opened as numbers increase in other year groups.  
Initially our biggest demand has been for places in upper key stage 2 (UKS2). Therefore, our children moving into years 5 and 6 from September 2018 have been allocated three teachers, who will take care of smaller classes . It is envisaged that there will be no more than 25 children per class in the initial months and no more than 30 per class.
Please see the presentation below from our Yr5 and Yr6 parents information evening.


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