Year 4 2018 - 2019

Mrs Griffiths

Welcome to Foxgloves class

Hello everyone! We hope you're looking forward to the Autumn Term. 

Have a look below to see what this term holds in store or download the newsletter from September 5th onwards.


We'll be using Greek myths as a starting point for our writing this term and we hope it will lead us to mysteries closer to home...     As we journey along the Literacy path, we'll be picking up new sentence types and vocabulary along the way to add to our writing toolkit. Our old friends, spelling and punctuation, will also be with us every step of the way and we'll be picking up some new "tricks" with them this year too.

Can you write a haiku?  Let's find out when we look at Poetry.


It's all about knowing your place at the start of this term - place value that is!  We'll be looking at numbers and breaking them up in lots of different ways.  Most importantly, we'll be focusing on learning our Times Tables so we can tackle big multiplications and division with ease.  Make learning your tables your number one goal and visit the Times Tables class page for some games to help you. 


Science sound like fun this term; we'll find out how sounds are made, how we hear and how we can alter sound.  Later on, we'll be lighting up the school this term with a look at Electricity.  We'll be making circuits, looking at how electricity moves and thinking about how to stay safe with this powerful force.  

Christian Values and R.E.

Every day we spend time in Collective Worship thinking about the Christian values of love, friendship, trust, hope, forgiveness, joy & celebration. Whenever we talk about our class values and behaviour, we use these as a guide.

 This term our theme is Good News. What do you think of when you hear this phrase? During the first half term we will be reading stories from the four Gospels in the Bible and looking at how they encourage Christians to live as Good News in the world today.  In the second half of the term we will take a brief look at church commuity before returning to Good News and the Christmas story.


Who were the Ancient Greeks?  What was it like to live in Ancient Greek times?  How did the Olympic Games begin? What would you do if you were a child living in those times? Who were the Ancient Greek gods and heroes? Would you want to be a Hoplite soldier? By the end of the Autumn term we hope that these questions will have been answered!


Internet Safety is very important and we will be doing activities throughout the year, with the help of our E-Cadets, to make sure we stay safe online. We'll be learning how to capture poeple's interest and communicate effectively with advanced powerpoint features and using BBc Dancemat to become the best touch-typists in the school!


Monday is swimming day as we head off to Portal for lessons and fun in the pool. Friday afternoons will be handball with Gary!


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